Lovetease, LA’s hottest chick band, is a conceptual femme rock project that has successfully combined a vast array of genres and flavors to create an undeniable masterpiece.  We proudly introduce to you the long awaited full length album “Ego Evolution”. Spanning a creation period of 4 years, front woman Meliss FX decided to expand her horizons from the dance music world.  The whimsical and estrogen driven rock numbers have a fresh originality that is what the world of music has been waiting to return to. However this music is blended with sounds from the future and the strong lyrics will let your mind soar.   Backed by select and distinctive line-ups of pro musicians from the Los Angeles area ensure the perfect blend of the vivid universe that she had in mind when starting out on this journey.  Meliss FX summoned the wizardry and highly visionary skills and techniques of producer/co-writer Joshua Rumer of Hollywood’s ‘beacon in the darkness’ production company Invengo Productions.  “Ego Evolution” includes performances by Mike Taylor (drums), Gregg Cash(Bass), Toshi Yanagi (guitar), Derek Upton (drums) as well as special appearances by The Ventriloquists front man Danny Levin (trumpet) and many others.  Stay tuned for teaser videos before the album drops and tour schedule to be announced soon!

Meliss FX – Vocals
Deanna Passarella – Guitar
Melanie Jo – Drums
Loa Allebach – Bass